It is important to first be knowledgeable of our Conditions of Bid Submission before submitting a bid. Please review the information in the following links before bid submission:

BJPC Conditions of Bid Submission


The documents listed below are representative of the actual agreements and forms that will be utilized between BJ Perch Construction, Inc. and a Subcontractor/Vendor/Supplier should a submitted bid lead to a written agreement to perform a project.

The documents can be downloaded by selecting on the links below. Copies of the following standard agreements, forms, and attachments are also available for review and reproduction at our main office located at 7034 W. Pershing Ct., Suite A, Visalia CA 93291. BJPC will send copies to subcontractors upon written request. Please send a written request via email to or via Fax 559-651-5015.

1.  BJ Perch Construction, Inc. Subcontract Agreement

2.  Attachment A—Insurance Requirements

3.  Attachment B — Scope of Work

4.  Attachment C — Contract Documents

5.  Attachment D — Contract Recapitulation

6.  Attachment E — Billing Procedures

7.  Attachment F — Schedule

8.  Attachment G — Project Procedures Manual

9.  Attachment I — Subcontract Addendum for California Public Works Projects, Prevailing Wage/Certified Payroll Policy

Submitting Bids:

Please submit your bids via email or fax to the following:

Email (preferred):   

Fax:                                       559 651-5015