BJP Construction - 25 Year Logo
ENTITLEMENTS: Our team is experienced in the planning, design, and construction of complex facilities. BJ Perch Construction has a proven track record of providing a comprehensive suite of services on a long list of projects. Our stellar reputation and positive relationships with government agencies and utility companies are assets for our clients, allowing us to obtain the approvals and services needed to complete projects in a timely manner.
PRECONSTRUCTION: Our clients rely on us to work with designers during the preconstruction phase. Involving us from the beginning sets the stage for a successful project that will follow a schedule and stay on budget. It ensures that plans will be executed in an efficient manner, potential pitfalls will be avoided, and the client’s needs and expectations will be met.

Preconstruction Services:
• Conceptual Estimating
• Value Engineering
• Scheduling (CPM)
• Site Review and Utilization
• Constructability Review and Coordination
• Bidding/Procurement
• Coordinating/Expediting Construction Permits

CONSTRUCTION: Our years of experience in development, design, and construction, provide a foundation for informed decision-making. We exercise tight control through each phase of construction, utilizing management systems and procedures that monitor time, budget, quality, and safety. We leverage lessons learned and industry best practices to achieve quality construction and ensure our client’s project goals and expectations are met.

Construction Services:
• Cost Monitoring and Control
• Schedule Development and Control
• Site Management
• Safety Assurance
• Project Accounting
• Change Management
• Shop Drawings and Material Submittal Review
• Quality Control

WARRANTY: Exceptional service does not end with the completion of our projects. BJ Perch Construction promptly responds to any quality issue that arises after completion, and are available to provide any and all structure-related services during the life of your building. We offer long-term service plans to meet our client’s on-going operational needs.
SUSTAINABILITY: BJ Perch Construction understands the importance of sustainable practices in our industry. We work closely with our clients and design professionals to determine ways in which their projects can benefit from sustainable design and construction practices. Even without LEED “certification,” we can further our client’s interests by following the principles of sustainable design. Quite often, green practices can be incorporated into a project at little or no additional cost.
VIRTUAL BUILDING: New technologies are continually being introduced to the building industry, and BJ Perch Construction has embraced them. Just one example is Building Information Modeling (BIM), the practice of constructing a digital 3D model of the building systems to evaluate constructability, design intent, coordination, and life-cycle considerations. By using software programs such as Autodesk’s NavisWorks®, clash detection analyses can identify conflicts within the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems as they are designed. This detailed digital model can also test design configurations for energy savings, and alternative building materials for duration of wear. The latter feature allows building owners to make informed decisions affecting the lifetime value of their investment, and as the building ages, anticipate maintenance issues and plan for capital improvements.